Thursday, April 02, 2009

New Google Map for Australia


okTravel is a new travel site for Australia that lets users find out about any town and city in the country. The site has an incredible amount of data about all locations in Australia and uses an attractive Google Maps interface.

okTravel uses OpenLayers with Google Maps to display the maps, and jQuery to display the markers on the map. The plus [+] square at the top right of the map opens up various options to load kml, measure distances and areas. When you select a marker on a page a Street View of the location is also loaded.

When you click on an individual town, as well as a Google Map, users are presented with population data, a breakdown of the major industries, statistical averages and average rents, mortgages and income in the town. okTravel even includes an interesting algorithm that attempts to determine from the wages and expenses of the population whether they should be ' happy', 'very happy' or 'ecstatic' etc.


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Anonymous said...

Hi I am the Director of a small disability charity Redbridge Disability Association and wish to map the life experience of disabled people - real barriers experienced, attitudinal barriers, issues. Further thoughts about mapping accessibility here.

Any help welcome!