Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tracking Bangalore Buses on Google Maps

Bangalore Live Bus Tracking

This site is tracking buses of the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation live on a Google Map. The buses all carry GPS units so the map is able to update locations once a minute.

It is possible to track all BMTC buses at once or select an individual bus to track. If you click on a bus map marker you can get the route information and speed of the bus. There is also a mobile phone version of this map, so it is possible to work how long you will have to wait for a bus when you are out and about in Bangalore.

This map comes from the same developer as the Indian Train Tracker.

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northpole said...

Google Maps (India) silently introduced the 'Get Directions' feature a week ago. There was no announcement or fanfare. Comparing with other similar and promising services from Yahoo and Live, Google has a long way to go in India.
I have reviewed this new feature and posted it on my blog here: