Thursday, April 30, 2009

Google Earth Tours of Switzerland

Swiss Fighter Tour & Video Synchronisation

Frank Taylor, of the Google Earth Blog, has taken my hack of synchronising a YouTube video with the Google Earth plugin to create a stunning flight over the Swiss Alps.

Frank has taken a video of the flight of a Swiss Fighter Jet and recreated the flight in Google Earth. Playing the tour alongside the video really illustrates the power of Google Earth played in a browser.

Via: The Google Earth Blog

Google Earth Slideshow Tour

Inspired by Frank's use of YouTube and the Google Earth plugin it occurred to me that you can actually play any javascript application synchronised to a Google Earth plugin tour. In this example I have synchronised a Google Earth tour of Lake Geneva with a javascript photo slideshow created by Leigeber.

The Google Earth and plugin tour and the photographs are not exactly brilliant but I think it gives a good illustration of the possibilities of synchronising Google Earth with other applications.


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