Friday, May 01, 2009

Friday Fun on Google Maps

Place That State Game

In this game you have to drag the state that appears in the bottom right of the map onto its correct location in the United States. When you have correctly placed a state a new one will appear in the bottom right corner of the map.

This is another great map from Marcelo Montagna and his second to feature in Google Maps Mania this week. On Monday we reviewed his POIs Along a Route Map.

Street View of the Week
Google Maps Street View has spotted a few houses that the owners have decorated with interesting roof furniture. My favourite has to be this shark landing on a house in the UK.

However actually capturing Santa Claus checking his Google Maps driving directions whilst taking a break on a roof in Texas comes a close second.

On second thoughts, perhaps Santa isn't checking his driving directions but trying to remember which roof he left his reindeer on.

In San Pablo they like to simulate mannequin suicide.

Via: Jimmy Jimmson (via e-mail) and Street View Gallery and Google Sightseeing.

The Internationale Map

Soren Johannessen has created this Google Maps and YouTube mashup to help celebrate May Day. The map includes videos of the Internationale being sung in 29 different languages from all around the world.

Here are a few of Soren's other music maps:
YouTube Map
This YouTube video uses 'spotlights' to create an interactive Swine Flu map out of a video! The spotlights work better if you view the video in full screen.

Mapping Party Kit
Google have put together a set of instructions for anyone interested in putting together a Google Map Maker mapping party. The instructions include Event Handouts, Presentation Aids and Suggestions. Google say that after holding your party "you might end up with a nice batch of Google swag and see yourselves featured on the Lat Long blog."


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