Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey What's That!

HeyWhatsThat provides panoramic sketches and the names of visible peaks for just about anywhere in the world. For example, here is the view from Mount Battie in Maine,

The site has just launched a new testbed to provide path profiles. Using the new path profile it is possible to plot any path on Google Maps and get an elevation chart for the route. For example, yesterday I walked 12 miles along a stretch of the coast in the UK. Here is the path profile of the walk,

As you can see after an initial walk down to the beach, my hike was very flat as I was at sea level for most of the walk.

HeyWhatsThat has also just launched a testbed for the main panoramic profile page. The new page allows the user to view two independently adjustable profiles. This allows the user to compare options. The new options allow you to add horizontal and vertical scale, see lines of sight or view a great circle (or geodesic) path.


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