Monday, May 11, 2009

Boutique Hostels on Google Maps

The Guardian's Best Boutique Hostels Map

The Guardian have created this Google Maps mashups to help you find hostel rooms that are reasonably priced but great places to stay. The Guardian says that "hostels are no longer the sole preserve of backpackers and that most offer private rooms, some of which wouldn't look out of place in a boutique hotel." Therefore they have created this map to showcase the best boutique hostels in the world.

The hostels are listed in a tabbed sidebar by continent. On the map, each hostel marker contains a description, details (room prices and a link) and a photograph. It is even possible to add a hostel that you think should be included on the map. To do this you need to submit a tip to The Guardian's Been There site, adding "boutique hostel" as a tag. Your tip will then be considered for the map.

The value of this map come from the quality of the data. The hostels listed here all appear to be great individual places to stay and, most importantly, at very reasonable prices. I've already bookmarked hostels in Florence, Cardiff and Peniche for my summer travels.

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