Monday, May 25, 2009

Let Google Maps Find You A Street Court

Courts of the World

Courts Of The World (COTW) is a new website for street basketball players from all over the world. The site includes a feature called the "Court Finder", which enables users to find public basketball courts in their neighbourhood.

The court finder is a customized Google Maps application with user generated content. Registered users are able to add new courts to the map. It is possible to find courts on the map by entering a location into a search box and selecting a radius distance that you wish to see results for. Alternatively, it is possible to select a country or city from a list displayed under the map.

Other Basketball Related Maps
  • March Madness 2009 - Adam Hughes, of Google produced this Google Maps My Map of the locations of this year's 13 tournament venues in the NCAA.
  • Find a Pick-up Game with this mashup - PickUpGame (.com) is a Google Maps based tool to find basketball courts, tennis courts, softball/baseball fields, golf courses, pool halls & bowling alleys in your city
  • The Live Sports Map is a mashup with sports scores and news for sports throughout the world (predominantly US/Canada)
  • is a Google Map mash-up of basketball courts in the Philadelphia area. Registered users can click on any of the tagged courts and find out when people are playing and read comments about the quality of the court
  • NCAA Basketball Championship Game History


Anonymous said...

was exactly what i was looking for :)

Anonymous said...

they even have a basketball court finder iPhone app now. really cool.