Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Universities on Google Maps

Tufts University Campus Map

Tufts is the latest university to build an online campus map using the Google Maps API. The map shows all the university buildings on the Medford/Somerville campus.

A really handy feature for students is that it is possible to find where all the wifi hotspots on campus are using the map. If you roll over any building on the map with your mouse the building is highlighted and a small information window tells you the name of the building. The buildings are also all listed in the map sidebar and it is even possible to use a search box to find a building.


SchoolBubble.com is a network of marketplaces for students at universities in the USA and Canada. Using the map students can post and find ads for car-pooling, housing, textbooks and jobs.

Each university comes with its own Google Map. The ad listings are shown alongside the map and it is possible to filter the ad results by category.

Study Worldwide Map

The Study Worldwide Map shows the the two major higher education ranking results on Google Maps. It is therefore possible to use the map to search and find the highest ranked universities in the world.

It is possible to refine your search for a university by the QS World University Ranking system or the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking system. The universities are then shown on the map with numbered map markers to indicate their rank and displayed in descending order in the map sidebar. It is also possible to refine the results by country.

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Tobias said...

You may also like the "university ring" on WYP (created by a German user):

Anonymous said...

The map of Canadian universities is absurd. I'm a student in Montreal, and I looked at all the universities mapped around the Montreal area--nothing is mapped correctly. HEC is displayed off the island, UdeM is miles away from its proper spot, UQTR is on the island (news to me!).

I hope the other maps are more accurate...