Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Google Hires The Vactioneers

The Vacationeers, whose YouTube video of Google Maps was a huge internet hit, have now been hired by Google themselves. Google have hired the team to create comedy videos of a number of the company's products.

Here's the original video, Google Maps (Part I of "The Googling")

My favourite YouTube video at the moment, however, has to be this altered version of an REM song. It's called 'Map Of The World As We Know It'.




Tobias said...

Your favourite video is a song with lyrics display but no video??

Keir Clarke said...

It sure is - and here's my favourite painting:


Tobias said...

Got it - a painting with no painting in it :-)
Now I am puzzled what your favourite GMaps mashup is - must be something without a map ;)