Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Google Maps Social Network


Location based social network Unype have relaunched as Centrl, with a number of new features. Centrl helps users connect with friends directly from Google Maps. To use Centrl you can log-in with your Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, Orkut, Ning or Friendster account.

Centrl currently have 400,000 members. It is also possible to interact with these members through mobile applications for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android phones. Using the new phone applications means that members can find nearby friends via Google Maps on their mobile and send them instant messages. You can even mark good restaurants and pubs and share your favourite locations with your Centrl friends.


1 comment:

Hussein Nasser said...

I liked the idea of multiple login
I don't force you to log in with the site account

I have created something similar with Google Earth.. a Social Network on top of Google Earth ..