Thursday, May 28, 2009

Google Maps API v3 Demo Gallery

Demo Gallery

The Google Maps API v3, released yesterday in Google Code Labs, has its own dedicated demo gallery. The gallery features demo maps from members of the Google Maps team and from some well established Google Maps gurus.

The gallery includes a number of Google Maps that demonstrate a range of features available in the new Google Maps API. The gallery covers the basics, like adding a simple map marker and displaying infowindows, to more complex features like geocoding, reverse geocoding and finding the location of the map user.

Trapster Google Maps V3 Sneak Preview
Trapster, the US speed trap locator, has released a test map using the Google Maps API v3. The map seems to show a snapshot of the driving speeds of anonymous Trapster users.

Trapster users are shown on the map by colour coded map markers. Red markers appear to indicate drivers who are currently driving under 30 mph, yellow markers those driving at 30-60 mph and green markers those driving over 60 mph.


smokeonit said...

the trapster preview is pretty awesome!!!

edncda said...

This is great. Now the po can watch Trapster on their Blackberries at the donut shop and IM speeding tickets all day long.