Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday Fun With Google Maps

The Virtual Paintout

The Virtual Paintout is a blog that is encouraging the use of Google Street View as a resource for virtually travelling the world to find interesting locations and subjects to paint.

Each month a new city is chosen and artists can then use Google Street View to find a subject to paint The blog is currently showcasing the paintings produced from Street View images of Amsterdam. The quality of art is very high. The picture above is clipped from Bill Guffey's 'Amsterdam Canal Boat'.

Via: Street View Gallery


Massage is a fun tool for writing messages on Google Maps. To create a message you just choose a location, choose the type of map marker you wish your message to be written in and then enter your message.

You can embed the results in a web page or send a link to your message via e-mail.

If The World Were A Sandwich

This useful Google Map can tell you where you will you will end up if you get a little too enthusiastic when your digging up your garden. The mashup shows two Google Maps side-by-side. Each map shows what's on the other side of the world from the other. If you move the location in one map the location in the other map moves as well.

Click2Map - Let Google Maps Find Me
Click2Map, the professional geoweb solution, have produced this YouTube video to show how to install Greasemonkey and Geode in Firefox so that a 'Current position' link is added to Google Maps. Clicking this link will then centre the map on your current position where ever you are in the world.

More instructions are available on the Click2Map blog.



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