Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Plug & Play Google Maps

Plug and Play Maps

Plug and Play Maps is a free map creation tool that can create a Google Map from spreadsheets or similar tabulated data, from KML files, from GIS shapefiles or from data in a web database. To create a map using Plug and Play you don't need to know HTML, Javascript or the Google Maps API because Plug and Play does all the mapping work for you.

It is possible to define a number of parameters with Plug and Play to define the design of your map. You can set the map size, define the initial map type, configure the map controls and set the intitial map view. It is also possible to style the data and the map legend.

Plug and Play Maps have a demo gallery of the types of maps that are able to be created using the service.

Other Google Map Creation Sites
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