Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Report Bad Drivers on Google Maps


I love the idea behind this Google Maps mashup. As Zapatag.com say themselves the map lets you,

"Report bad drivers, track license plates, zap a tag and upgrade your commute. Compliment a carpooler. Lash a litterer. Tattle on a tailgater. Snap at a speeder. Bring accountability back to our streets the Web 2.0 way. Don't get mad on the road. Get even online."

To use the site you simply enter the licence plate number of the car that has annoyed you and enter a location. Zapatag.com then places your message on a Google Map. It is possible to browse through the messages submitted by other users by state, by the latest zaps, by the most commented on or by most favourited.

Just don't zap whilst driving or you just might find your own car listed on the map!



Anonymous said...

This can lead to abuse.

Greg said...

I'm curious to see what happens when this mashup makes its way to smart phones. You snap the license plate with your camera phone. The phone records the GPS location and identifies the plate number in the pic. You choose from a list of predefined offenses, and the phone uploads it immediately.

Anonymous said...

Greg, someone needs to write that App. I would if I could, but since I drive most all day I'd use it all the time!

Anonymous said...

So I don't like someone I know so I follow them, tag them, and watch while they get stopped by police.

I don't think any law enforcment office would be interested in this.