Monday, May 18, 2009

Displaying Coverage on Google Maps

Garmin G2 Coverage Map

Garmin are using the Google Maps API to display the different g2 and g2 Vision coverage regions in the US. The map shows the range of offshore marine maps that it is possible to buy from the company.

It is possible to define the region coverage size to display on the map. It is also possible to click and drag the map to a different area or zoom in/out of an area, then click "Refresh List" to see a new list of region coverage on the map. The region coverage displayed on the map is also listed in the map sidebar so you can easily click the item you wish to purchase.

G2 Coverage in New Zealand

Vodafone NZ have released a Google Maps mashup that shows mobile phone coverage in New Zealand.

It is possible to search for coverage by address or to use the Google Map navigation tools to zoom in on any area. Coverage results can be refined by G2 or G3 Broadband or 3G Broadband extended and it is also possible to see coverage for different makes of mobile phone.


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