Friday, May 08, 2009

Two New Twitter & Google Maps Mashups

Tweet Map

This Google Maps and Twitter mashup lets you search for any subject at any location. For example, the screenshot above shows the result of searching for tweets about 'fire' in Santa Barbara.

The map automatically remembers the last position and zoom level of each visitor. Therefore when you come back and visit it again you don’t have to scroll to your location again. If you like this map you can even purchase the code for only $15 and use it in your website.

Geo Twitter

Geo Twitter lets you tweet from a Google Map. To use the application you need to zoom into your location on the map and press 'Tweet'. Geo Twitter then automatically fills in your Twitter status box with your current location.

When you submit your update in Twitter your Tweet will also then appear on the Geo Twitter Google Map. The map shows all the latest messages posted by other Geo Twitter users so it is a great way to see what people are Tweeting about all over the world.


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