Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Google Maps at Where 2.0

Google Product Managers Steven Lee and Lior Ron spoke todat at Where 2.0 about the Evolving Geoweb.

They have announced a location aware browser partnership with Mozilla FireFox 3.5.

Also launched today:

Maps Ad Unit

The Google Maps Ad Unit is a new way for Google Maps API developers to monetise their Google Maps mashups. The ad units update with geographically relevant ads as the user pans the map.

To see the Maps Ad Unit in action, take a look at Acme Mapper and ZipMaps who have both added it to their Maps API implementations.

Google Maps Data API

The Google Maps Data API allows client applications to view, store and update map data in the form of Google Data API feeds using a data model of features (placemarks, lines and shapes) and maps (collections of features).

The Google Maps Data API provides free hosting and bandwidth for your map data. The geodata is available across platforms; web, mobile phone, 3D applications, or even command lines. Geodata from the Google Maps Data API can be instantly indexed and made searchable in Google Maps.

Applications already using the Data API
  • My Maps Editor for Android allows users to create and edit personalized maps from an Android mobile phone. Integration with the phone's location and camera makes it easy to document a trip with photos and text on a map.
  • ConnectorLocal is a service that informs users about the places where they live, work and visit by gathering trusted hyperlocal information from many sources. Using the Google Maps Data API, ConnectorLocal makes it easy for users to import and export geodata in and out of Google Maps, and also improves their ability to have data indexed in Google Maps for searching.
  • My Tracks enables Android mobile phone users to record GPS tracks and view live statistics while jogging, biking, or participating in other outdoor activities. Stored with Google Maps Data API, these tracks can be accessed, edited and shared using the My Maps feature in Google Maps.
  • Platial, a social mapping service for people and places,

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