Wednesday, May 06, 2009

View Your Facebook Friends on Google Maps

Mapmotive for Facebook

Mapmotive for Facebook is an application that automatically displays your Facebook friends on a Google Map. The Mapmotive map not only shows the geography of your Facebook network but allows you to add markers.

You can use the application to show the location of an upcoming party or event, or use it to display the places you have visited or to share your favourite restaurants and bars.


This Facebook application also maps all of your Facebook friends and, in addition, extracts other interesting facts from your friends' profiles.

On installing this application to Facebook you are presented with a Google Map displaying your friends' locations indicated by their profile picture. Under the map there is a series of tables informing you about how many of your friends are male or female, how many are single or in a relationship and how many of your friends are conservative and how many are liberal etc.

The application gives you a good overview of the geography of your Facebook network, as well as an insight into its political, religious and relationship leanings.

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