Thursday, May 21, 2009

Denmark Populations, American Pizza

No, the population of Denmark is not directly related to the consumption of American pizza, it's just prolific regular Google Map mashup creators, Soren Johannessen and Virender Ajmani, both have new maps out today.

Denmark Municipalities Population Map

Statistics Denmark has just released estimations of the populations in the 98 municipalities in Denmark until 2040. Soren has mapped the statistics for all 98 municipalities.

Soren says the map took only one hour to produce. He used Google Spreadsheet Mapper 2.0 to produce the KML and then imported the KML via Map Channels v3 map creation tools. Soren says it is a very quick way to produce maps and would be ideal for the news media, who often have very short deadlines.

The map itself lets you click on any of the Danish municipalities and see population projections for the area up to 2040.

America's Best Pizza's Map

GQ has published a list of the 25 Best Pizzas in America. Virender has taken the addresses of each pizza restaurant and produced a map that let's hungry pizza lovers find their nearest best restaurant.

The restaurants are listed in the map sidebar in chronological order and on the map with numbered map markers. The information window for each map marker gives the name and address of the pizza restaurant.


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