Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Worldwide Action Sports Google Map

5ones Earth
5ones screenshot showing map markers on a Google Map have launched an interactive Google Maps mashup to map all of the world's surf spots, skate spots, ski/snowboard resorts, pro shops and company headquarters. They hope to provide a comprehensive map of all action sports, so that where ever you travel in the world you will be able to quickly find your nearest action sports' locations.

In order to encourage action sports enthusiasts to add their favourite spots to the map are giving away over a $1000 in 'goodies' in a contest. Adding spots to the map will earn you points towards the contest.

The video below explains a little more about the prizes available and how to add spots to the map:


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Mark said...

Hasn't this already been done by Ridertech a few years ago? I think I remember see your blog post about it.