Sunday, May 24, 2009

Copenhagen Marathon - Updated

Endomondo Copenhagen Live Tracker

In Denmark the Copenhagen Marathon has started and Endomondo has created a Google Map that seems to be tracking live a number of the runners. The race started an hour ago, so if you want to see this map in action you will need to view this map within the next few hours.

The route of the race is shown on the map and the current position of the entrants is shown with small profile pictures.

Copenhagen Marathon 2009 Map

If you just want to see the route of the marathon Soren Johannessen has used the CASA Google Maps Image Cutter to present the official route map within the Google Maps API.

Presenting the official route map in this way means that you can move the map around and zoom in on locations.

Google Earth Plugin Overlays

Now the marathon is over Soren has created two Google Earth plugin maps showcasing two photographs he took of the race.
To view the photos press the button at the top left of the plugin.



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