Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Big Art Project on Google Maps

Big Art Mob Map

Channel 4, a UK television network, are tonight starting a new series called The Big Art Project. The series is hoping to inspire and create unique works of public art in selected locations across the UK.

In 2005 Channel 4 asked viewers to get involved in the Big Art Project. Over 1,400 members of the public across the UK proposed sites that they said would benefit from public art instalments. Channel 4 then selected a number of these sites and worked with local communities to realise the art projects.

Communities around the selected sites worked with curators appointed by the Big Art Trust. The curators supported the communities in choosing which artists they wanted to see commissioned and the kind of art each place wanted to create.

As part of the Big Art Project, Channel 4 have also teamed with moblogtech to create The Big Art Mob. The Big Art Mob are trying to create the first comprehensive map of Public Art across the UK. This Google Maps mashup shows the location of works of art submitted by the public.

Anyone can submit the location of a public art work by text, e-mail or by filling in a short form.

The first programme in the series will be broadcast tonight at 7 pm in the UK.


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