Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Worldwide Webcam Google Map

Worldwide Webcams Maps

Mashed World has created a number of webcam Google Maps for different countries around the world. The webcams for each map are provided by webcams.travel, who recently had a layer added to Google Maps.

When you roll over one of the webcam map markers on the map a thumbnail appears showing the latest image from the webcam. Clicking on a webcam marker opens an information window with a link to that webcams page at webcams.travel.

Some other webcam maps:

Fisgonia - This English/Spanish webcams map has over 300 camera views from all over the world in 11 categories.
300 Great Lakes webcams (US & Canada)
LiveLook - Webcam map with a night / day guide.
Singapore Webcams
USA Webcam Map



Jonas Kaufmann said...

Over 1800 webcams on Google Maps can also be found on Windfinder.com's webcam directory. Most of these cams are at the seaside, showing beaches, harbors etc.

Soren Johannessen said...

regarding cams fra webcams.travel ... there are so many errors regarding the locations for Denmark quite often the webcam has been placed 4-5 km wrong on the Google Map

abcwebcam said...

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