Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ask Questions About Anywhere


Do you want to know where you can find the best pizza in New York of where you can buy the best fish and chips in London? Perhaps you want to know the cheapest way to get from Venice to Vienna or the best place to stay to watch the Tour De France. If so Travellr can help you find the answer.

Travellr is a new website that lets anyone ask questions about anywhere in the world and receive answers from locals or past visitors. In this way Travellr hopes to ensure that you can find the best local knowledge about anywhere in the world.

Travellr also includes an intelligent recommendation system. Travellr can recommend questions to you based on where you've lived and travelled and the more you participate in the conversation, the more Travellr will tailor your recommendations to your own interests.

The site uses Google Maps in a number of ways. There is a Google Map of recent questions in all locations. This map geotags all the recent questions asked on the site. Using the map it is possible to zoom in on a location and browse the questions asked about the area.

Travellr also includes a list of popular destinations. Choosing one of these destinations takes you to a dedicated page which includes a Google Map of the location.

Now, where were the best fish & chips in London?


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