Monday, May 04, 2009

Finding Real Estate on Google Maps


This map comes with a big warning saying that it is a demo site,

"Not an actual real estate website. For demonstration purposes only."

What the site demonstrates is a very good user interface for searching for real estate listings on Google Maps. Key to the site's usability is the use of slider buttons that enable the map user to set the price range of the home they wish to search for. There are also slider buttons to define the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and the total square feet.

The slider buttons are reminiscent of the buttons used on the UK real estate website Nestoria, which also allows house hunters to define the price range and number of bedrooms.

Via: Mapperz


This apartment search website uses Google Maps to show rental properties in the US. It is possible to refine your search for an apartment by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and its proximity to a location.

Clicking on the map marker of a property will open an information window with a photograph and details about the apartment. Registered users of the site are able to bookmark their favourites as they search for apartments.

Dream Homes

This site is a real estate mash-up for luxury homes in southern California and across the United States. It is possible to search for a luxury home by location or by price range.

The search results are displayed on a Google Map and also in the map sidebar. Clicking on one of the properties listed in the sidebar will load the property details and two new Google Maps showing the location of the property at different zoom levels.


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