Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mapplets API Demo Gallery

Google have launched a Mapplets API Demo Gallery. Mapplets are user created applications that run within Google Maps. You can create Mapplets that add new features to Google Maps or use them to overlay your data on Google Maps. The new gallery should give you some ideas about what can be achieved with Mapplets. You can even view the code for the Mapplets!

Here are some of the Mapplets on show in the gallery:

Census Demographics
Uses TileLayerOverlay to show choropleth maps of various demographics from the 2000 US Census, and uses the tabs library for the interface.

View the source
Example by Ducky Sherwood, James MacGill

Distance Measurer Mapplet
Lets users draw lines using GPolyline and measures the distance. Localized to 18 languages using gadget localization XML.

View the source
Example by Adam Schuck, James Macgill, and Seth LaForge

Via: Google Geo Developers Blog: Introducing the Mapplets API Demo Gallery


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