Thursday, April 02, 2009

Live Tram Tram Tracking on Google Maps Zurich Tram Tracker

Live Swiss Tram Tracking from Keir Clarke on Vimeo. released this tram tracking site yesterday, partly as an April Fool joke. The map purports to show trams in Zurich in real-time but in fact just shows where the trams should be according to the tram timetable. However, because this is Switzerland, the trams nearly always run on time and it is therefore still a very useful map for Zurich tram users (the webcam images however are not real but part of the April Fool).

The Google Map shows the location of all Zurich trams moving in real-time based upon the Zurich tram timetable. Each tram is colour coded and numbered so users can quickly see which line it is on. When you click on a tram the line it is on appears on the map so that you can see its destination. If you zoom in very closely the tram number marker actually changes to an image of a tram.

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Harry Fuecks said...

Thanks for the coverage - we switched from "webcams" on the flyouts - which was an april 1st feature - to displaying the next stops for the tram