Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Google Map of the Twitchhiker

Twitchhiking Map

The Twitchhiker is Paul Smith, an Englishman who decided to try and hitch-hike around the world in 30 days, relying only on the goodwill of people using Twitter. In his 30 days of travel Paul managed to travel from the UK to New Zealand purely on the generosity of Twitter users, who helped him with his travel and his accommodation.

Thanks to Google Maps you can follow Paul's journey from the UK to New Zealand on his Mapness produced interactive travel journal. Mapness is a website that lets you share your travel experiences and travel journals via Google Maps.

The Twitchhiker's Mapness map contains Paul's blog entries, photographs that he took on his journey and even the occasional video.


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We're glad you enjoyed the Twitchhiker's journey on Mapness! We'll have a brand new version of Mapness ready soon - keep an eye on or follow @mapness on twitter for more news.

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