Sunday, April 26, 2009

Maps of the Swine Flu Outbreak - Part 2

H1N1 Swine Flu Timeline

Using the Google Earth plugin I've created a timeline of the H1N1 Swine Flu outbreak. The data comes from the H1N1 Swine Flu My Map.

Due to the inaccuracy of the data this map should be seen purely as an experiment. For example, the timestamps on the data seems to suggest that the outbreak spread from the USA to Mexico rather than the other way around. However the timeline does give a rough idea of how the outbreak seems to be spreading.


It is possible to follow the latest worldwide news about the swine flu outbreak on the excellent HealthMap. To view swine flu news make sure that you uncheck everything except for influenza in the 'Diseases, last 30 days' column.

HealthMap aggregates news feeds from the WHO, Google News, ProMED, and many other sources to provide the latest information from all around the world.

Swine Flu Tweets

If you want to track the reactions of the Twittersphere to the Swine Flu outbreak this Google Map is tracking the latest tweets that mention 'swine flu'. The map animates through the latest tweets as they are made.

It is possible to select which part of the USA (or Europe) you wish to see tweets from by selecting from the buttons on the left of the map.

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Anonymous said...

think you may be wrong. There is no outbreak in Africa yet!

Past Expiry said...

Check out this cartoon about Spider Pig and swine flu!
*CARTOON*Feel free to post on your blog or "tweet"

northern science said...

Yet another map on the emerging outbreak. This one only lists confirmed cases.,-64.335937&spn=96.670705,187.207031&z=3

Anonymous said...

best H1N1 map out there is this one:,-65.742187&spn=119.313621,240.46875&t=h&z=2