Friday, October 09, 2009

Convert Any Image Into an Interactive Map!

UMapper's New Images to Map Feature
Popular map creation site UMapper has today released a major new feature that allows anyone to create custom maps from any image. Using the new feature you can upload any image file to UMapper and convert it into an interactive map.

Here's a quick run through of how the feature works,

UMapper is one of the best map creation tools around and this new feature is a major addition to the site's functionality. Using the tool you can even add interactive annotations to your images. Have a look at some of the examples on the UMapper blog to see what is possible.

UMapper's ease of use, embeddable options and its range of features has lead to it being adopted widely by many popular websites. Here are a few examples of sites that have recently used UMapper to give a geographical context to their posts.


North Dakota's number one news site this year used UMapper to provide a Google Map of the Fargo Marathon.

The map shows the route of the marathon and numbered map markers show mile marks along the route.

WHDH 7 News Fall Fun Activities
WHDH's 7 News, in Boston, have created a Google Maps mashup using UMapper to show the location of fun events and pick your own orchards in Massachusetts.

The map also includes photographs and links to current foliage reports.'s Pizza Restaurant Guide have created a UMapper Google Map to review some of the city's best pizza restaurants. The restaurants are shown on the map with red map markers. If you click on a marker an information window opens with the name and address of the restaurant and a short review.


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