Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Video Street View in Action

Global Vision
Last week I speculated a little about Google's plans for video Street View. Global Vision have produced something very similar to what I imagine Google are planning.

Global Vision is a Google Maps mashup that lets the user explore Geneva via a number of video Street Views. It is a little like Google's Street View only it uses panoramic videos rather than still panoramic images. Have a look at the screencast below to see Global Vision in action:

It is possible to select a particular street view video by clicking on any of the roads marked in red. As the video plays you can see the location update live on the map. Here's a good tip, right click on the video and select stereographic, the stereographic image is much better quality.

This site has only just been released so I imagine there may still be some features to be added. It would be great if there were unique URL's for each Street View (for example my brother's road in Geneva has a video street view and I would love to be able to send him a direct link to the video street view).

Another more advanced feature would be to stitch a number of the videos together to create video driving directions for a requested route (which is what I think Google may be planning with their own video street views).

But I'm being picky. This is an awesome site. It definitely shows an exciting future for street view and Google Maps.


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More cities and countries to come?