Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Pay Inequality & The NFL

Mibazaar has created two new Google Maps mashups; one looking at the gender pay gap in the USA and the other showing the latest Tweets from players in the NFL. I don't think there is any direct relationship between the two maps :)

Gender Pay Gap Map

The Gender Pay Gap Map looks at the difference in the earnings of men and women in each US state. The data comes from a report which lists the gender pay gap in America.

In Wyoming women earn 64.3% of what men do and at the other end of the scale, in Puerto Rico, women earn 101.1% of what men earn.

The map includes a map marker for each US state. If you click on a state's marker an information window opens that shows the relative earnings of men and women in that state.

The map markers are numbered in order of the gap between men and women's earnings and it is possible to reorder the markers by the highest gap or the lowest.

NFL Players Tweeting Map

Mibazaar has also created this Google Map to show the latest Tweets by a number of NFL players. The map shows the Tweets of over 20 players including Darnell Dockett, Matt Hasselback and Drew Brees.

You can choose which player's Tweets you wish to view via checkboxes next to the player's names. Once you select a player the map animates through the latest ten messages the player has submitted to Twitter.

Via: Mibazaar


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Virender Ajmani said...

Keir! Thanks for the mention. The source for the NFL Tweet map is mashable