Saturday, October 24, 2009

Google Maps Safari


One of the hidden treasures of Google Maps is Mike Fay's Megaflyover images of Africa. These images provide some super close-ups of a number of African animals. This Safari map animates through a few of the best images from the Megaflyover.

Unfortunately this map tries to default back to Google Maps' normal zoom levels. The secret in using this map is to press the 'Play again' button (bottom right) which forces the map to zoom in beyond the default levels and exposes some great close up shots of the animals.



Andrei said...

Looks fabulous. A next button would also be great so that you can move at your own pace.

Keir Clarke said...

Thanks Andrei,

That's a good idea. I'll work on adding that. Meanwhile try out this older map I did.

This map has the same imagery but isn't animated, so you can explore at your own pace.