Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Historical Maps of New Mexico

Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps

The New Mexico Humanities Council's online Atlas of Historic New Mexico maps features twenty historical maps embedded in the familiar Google Maps interface. The historical maps are overlaid on top of the Google Map of the same location, so it is possible to pan and zoom on the maps using the familiar Google Maps navigation tools.

Each of the maps also contain categorised map markers. In this way the maps are annotated with stories, pictures, native American oral histories, links to full-text books and articles and more.

The New Mexico Humanities Council are hoping to expand the Atlas in the future and have over 80 historical maps that they hope to add to the project. Lesson plans support the use of this resource in K-12 classrooms, and also support students in building multimedia maps in Google Earth and uploading the KMLs to the Atlas.

This is a great Google Maps based history project and provides an amazing insight into the history of New Mexico.


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