Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Ghoulish Google Maps Halloween!

Zillow Trick or Treating Hotspots
Real-estate website Zillow have devised an algorithm to work out the best neighbourhoods to go trick or treating. The algorithm looks at the Zillow Home Value Index, population density, Walk Score, and local crime data. Based on those variables, Zillow shows neighborhoods that will provide the most candy, with the least walking, and minimal safety risks.

Here are the currently mapped cities,

Map of the Dead

This zombie shooting game is one of Google's own creations. The game-play is very simple - you have one minute to shoot as many zombies as you can. Although I might be mistaken, the game seems to be taking place at the University of Southern California so those might be students and not zombies. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

ghostlogs map
If you are thinking of venturing out tonight, perhaps you should consult this map first. This colour-coded Google Map mash-up geo-tags apparitions, demons, ectoplasm and many other types of spooky beings.

Disturbia Suburbia
Disturbia Map
This Google Map was created for the film Disturbia. Enter your zip code and the map will tell you about all the disturbing freaks, loons and frightening nutcases in your neighbourhood.

The World's Creepiest Places

This is a Google Maps mash-up of the creepiest places in the world. Go on, I dare you to visit The Manchac Swamp, a.k.a. the "haunted swamp", where an imprisoned voodoo queen cast a curse on all those who visit. Mwaa ha ha ...


Apparently there are quite a few ghosts in Sao Paolo. Luckily Bogomaps has created this map of all the haunted houses in the Brazilian city.

Halloween Maps
This Google Map shows the locations of web surfers who have taken a look at the Halloween lights and inflatables outside a house in Boulder, Colorado via a Halloween webcam.

The World's Most Haunted Houses
Our friends over at Google Sightseeing have put together a nice collection of the world's most haunted places.

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