Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Video Street View Creator

Quiksee, the site that allows you to create your very own Street View like tours with Google Maps, is today coming out of private beta and anyone can now join.

Quiksee is a location based online tour creator that uses Google Maps to show the location of created tours. The site lets you quickly and easily create stunning visual experiences of real world places. With Quiksee you can click on a location and start walking around that place as if you were there. If you are in fact there, you can film your own Quiksee tour and share it with others.

Here's a screencast of a Grand Canyon tour,



Anonymous said...

I was always wondering when can people do their own SV look & feel walk through
Good luck.

Unknown said...

what about LBS insertion?

Unknown said...

Great stuff…I liked the background music addition…can anyone tell me if I can embed the swf on my blog???

Anonymous said...

It feats Googles applications like a glove.
I am impressed...