Thursday, October 29, 2009

Google Threatened by Rising Sea Levels

Rising Ocean Levels

Cartifact, Inc. and Greening Point, Inc. have launched a new interactive map showing how various climate change scenarios could affect the USA through sea levels rises. The initial release provides maps for the San Francisco Bay area and a detailed focus map of the Santa Cruz to Salinas portion of the Monterey Bay.

The map uses Cartifact's excellent scope-like lens to highlight aerial imagery of the roads and buildings that, depending on local topography, could potentially be inundated by rising global ocean levels, waves, storm surge and flooding.

Both companies say that they are not making a prediction that sea levels will rise to a specific level but "want people to learn about possible climate change scenarios, the science behind them, and the potential outcome of each."

In the most extreme scenario on the map the Google Offices in Mountain View look likely to end up under water. I wonder if Google are planning to update their kayaking directions.


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Global Flood did a world wide version with estimates of population displacement: