Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Turn by Turn Navigation for Google Maps

Google have just announced Google Maps Navigation (Beta) for Android 2.0 devices.

This is a major new development from Google. The new feature comes with everything you'd expect to find in a GPS navigation system, like 3D views, turn-by-turn voice guidance and automatic rerouting.

Check out the introductory video below:

Google Maps Navigation is currently only available in America. I assume this is related to Google Maps' recent imagery update in America, when Tele Atlas' map tiles were dropped in favour of data from Census, land surveying, specialized data sources like the USDA Forest Service's Forest Boundaries and the US Geological Survey's National Hydrography Dataset.

Via: Official Google Blog

Hat-tip to Street View Gallery for the head-up on this.


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Anonymous said...

Will Europe be next or does Google first need to kick out TeleAtlas and replace them by the AND?
Also, why not using augmented reality instead of steetview.