Friday, October 02, 2009

Flight Finder on Google Maps


Have you ever had the problem of not knowing which airlines fly to your chosen destination? Flightm8 can tell you which airlines fly where.

To use Flightm8 you select the city from which you wish to fly. Once you have selected a city the nearest airports are shown on a Google Map. You then select the airport(s) you wish to fly from. Once you have repeated the process for your destination city Flightm8 will show you all the airlines that fly between your chosen cities.

Flightm8 even provides links to the airline so that you can book your flight.



Alex Rowe said...

That's a great idea. Every time I need to book a flight it's too much trouble searching many different sites for the best flight. I can see me flying with all kinds of airlines I'd never heard of using this!

Anonymous said...

It's a fantastic idea I had no idea there is so many airline flying to the places I want to go. Neat clear and not fussy.