Monday, October 26, 2009

Promoting Safer Streets on Google Maps

Safer Streets

In the UK the government have established a website called 'Directgov / innovate' to provide an "innovative, collaborative, open source environment for Government and developers to interact, share ideas and showcase work". Part of this initiative is the 'Safer Streets' site. The 'Safer Streets' campaign consists of three Google Maps which residents can use to report to local councils and police teams where they feel safe or unsafe in their neighbourhoods.

The three pilot maps are for the towns of Brighton, Luton and Solihull. Users of the maps can place markers on the map to show the areas they feel safe or unsafe. The green markers show safe locations and the red markers unsafe locations. Green ticks appear when local agencies post a response.

Yellow markers can be used to post suggestions on how a particular street or location could be made safer or to provide safety tips or information to other residents. Users can also add comments or upload photos to the maps.


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