Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Street View Car Abducted by Aliens

Martian Spacecraft Beams Street View Car Aboard

Regular readers of Google Maps Mania will be aware of my dedicated tracking of UFO sightings in Street View. Some sceptics have suggested that the UFOs are actually lens flares, so I am glad to say I now have incontrovertible proof.

In Pittsburgh a series of Street Views clearly show the Google Street View car being beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. Check out the video below, in which you can see the UFO hovering over the car and then, in the very next street view, observe as the car is beamed aboard the alien craft,

If that doesn't convince you then check out the screenshot below which clearly shows (through the craft's translucent walls) some alien text on the side of the UFO.

In the image you can clearly make out the word 'visit'. I suspect that this is part of some alien tourism advertising campaign. From the little text that we can actually see I have been able to reconstruct the message in full, It reads, "Visit the Great Orion this Summer".

Still not convinced? Then check out these UFO sightings in Street View.



Romulus said...

The images at the two points, enhanced, and taken together, indicate the URL (Red Cross in Spanish) and something about "energy".

Anonymous said...

In your first sentence, you should say "UFOs" (plural), not "UFO's" (possessive).

Keir Clarke said...

@Anonymous - apostrophes for the plural form of abbreviations is acceptable to many (The New York Times for one) but, as you don't like it, I'll remove it.

I just won't admit I was wrong ;)