Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Belgium Votes to Demolish Royal Palace

Le Batiment Le Plus Laid de Belgique

Here is a really cool Google Map from Belgium demolition company Jan Stallaert. The map let users submit and vote on the ugliest buildings in Belgium. Jan Stallaert promised to demolish the winning building with glee.

However Pascal Laureyn from Belgeoblog tells me that the competition didn't exactly go as planned. Instead of voting for Belgium's ugliest buildings many users just voted for the building that they most wanted to see destroyed. Popular buildings to be demolished were the Royal Palace, the headquarters of Belgium's political parties and the stadiums of a number of football teams.

This is a great first story from Google Maps Mania new Belgium contributor Belgeoblog.



Maarten said...

Congratulations to Pascal on becoming a Google Maps Mania writer!

Cloudcroft Ski said...

Don't you need permission to demolish a building? Like from the owner? The city?

Its not the kind of gift that people like to get, certainly not the gift that keeps on giving.