Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Introducing the NextStop API

NextStop API

Nextstop is an online travel guide and social recommendation website that makes extensive use of Google Maps. I was very impressed with nextstop when I first reviewed the site back in May.

Here's what I said in the original review,

"There are already a number of well established social recommendation websites out there but the ease of use of nextstop should ensure it becomes a major player in the market. Adding recommendations to nextstop is truly an enjoyable experience, which can't be said of many social recommendation sites."

Nextstop are now opening up all of those user contributed recommendations with the release of an API. There is a lot that developers can do with the API, and nextstop have provided some great API examples. Map developers will probably be most interested in the map example and the guide map example.

I've just spent a couple of hours creating maps with the API and I must say it is one of the easiest API's that I've ever used. I can definitely see myself adding nextstop recommendations to a lot of the maps that I've personally created.


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