Friday, November 06, 2009

Learning Maths with Google Maps Maths Maps have found an inspired use for Google MyMaps. They have used Google Maps to create a number of maths exercises. Currently there are two maps, Measures in Madrid and Shapes in Paris.

Both maps contain a number of map markers, each of which contains a maths problem associated with it's location. For example, this question has been added to a building in Madrid,

"We know that the length of the building is 100m and the width 30m.
We also know that the area of the top quadrant is twice the area of the lower quadrant.
What is the area of each quadrant?"

Because these maps use Google's MyMaps feature it is also possible to add your own maths problems. You simply need to log in with a Google account and then you can start adding your own maths related questions.


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