Friday, November 06, 2009

Friday Fun With Google Maps

DIY Street View

Want to create your own Street View imagery? All you need is a little tape and a digital camera. Japanese website Nifty explains how (even to the extent of showing you how to add your image errors).

Google Maps Business Cards

Nick Smith of Funderrated has a rather neat and simple idea for business cards. Put a Google Map on the back.

The London Twirls Project

What do you do if you have a rather obsessive love for a particular chocolate confectionery? If you are James Ward you set up a Google Map (plus a blog and Twitter and Flickr accounts) to show where you can buy the said candy bar.

James' Twirl Map plots stores that sell Twirls, gives information about the cost in each store and even includes photographs.

Street View Australia

Google have started shooting new Street View imagery in Australia. To celebrate the occasion the Google staff assembled outside the Sydney office to pose for shots. You don't have to wait for the new imagery to appear (next year) as The Sydney Morning Herald were in attendance and have created a slideshow of the event.

Via: Mapperz


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