Sunday, November 01, 2009

Twitter Geo Lists

Over the last year Twitter (and Twitter applications such as Spy and Friend Feed) has become my favourite research tool for finding new Google Maps mashups.

Last week I was in the process of putting together a list of Google Maps related Twitter users to post on Google Maps Mania when Twitter released their new Lists feature. Here is a list of lists (a metalist?), that have been compiled by Twitter users, that are geo related.

Twitter Geo Lists (& number being followed)

130 @Scobleizer/geolocation

19 @mapperz/gmaps-experts

11 @geko20/geo

54 @coreburn/geo

20 @caig/google

32 @renalid/geolocation

203 @jasonbirch/geo

37 @StevenFeldman/geotweets

6 @dudarev/googlemaps

135 @jspinney/geo

11 @sandrific/googlerific

6 @KeirClarke/googlemaps

Some of the Geo Related Tweets I Follow

Google Maps Mania

Official Google Maps

Google's Geospatial Technologist

Google Geo Developer Advocate

Google Maps API Support Engineer

Google Maps Product Marketer

Google Earth Blog

Google Earth

Ogle Earth

Google SightSeeing




Renaud said...

... and don't forget @GeoInWeb :-)

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Portuguese Geo Twitters