Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Explore the Earth with PublicEarth


PublicEarth is a 'wiki for places'. The site uses Google Maps as the means to display crowdsourced location recommendations. Registered users can rate places, get personalised suggestions, create collections, or add comments about added locations.

The unique selling point for PublicEarth could be the huge number of categories of locations. PublicEarth has over 450 categories, these include the usual categories such as restaurants and entertainment but also more esoteric topics such as 'Nut Harvesting and 'Glass-blowing Studios'.

The site allows the user to plan a trip or a day out and then send the saved locations to a GPS device, a mobile phone or e-mail them to friends. PublicEarth also lets you display your saved places on your own website or blog by creating and embedding a widget.

The site even comes with an API that allows developers to access PublicEarth's huge database of recommendations.


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