Saturday, November 21, 2009

Floor Plan Maps With the Google Maps API

Office Floor Plans

This mashup is an interesting proof of concept of how the Google Maps API can be used to create an interactive office plan, complete with employee profiles. At the moment the map is just a demonstration of the possibilities, but it is also a working model so you can play with and explore the map's functionality.

The map overlays floor plans of an office directly on the building's satellite view in Google Maps. There are four overlays, one for each floor of the office building. It is possible to switch between each floor using the buttons in the top right corner of the map (replacing the normal map type buttons).

The mashup can also map the positions of employees on the floor plan. The map includes a search box so you can search for employees or you can select an employee from a drop down menu. There is even a form which allows the user to add an employee (and employee details) to the map.



Anonymous said...

I am in the facility services industry and am interested in learning more about this use of Google maps. Specifically how it could be utilized as a national or global directory for companies with multiple locations. Could you help develop a sample for a current client?

Google Street View Funny said...

Due to the ease of scalability of this solution, it could easily be utilized in a national or global directory for a company with multiple locations. In fact, most of the existing Floor Plan Mapper clients are international companies. FYI - There are some new demos here: Interactive Floor Plans