Monday, November 09, 2009

Mexico Day on Google Maps Mania claims to be the largest geo-referenced database in Mexico with a search engine for local businesses. Businesses can be searched by name or by category and the results are shown on a Google Map. It is also free for anybody to search or submit a new business.

It is possible to get driving directions for each address or point of information on the map. Another feature of is proximity searching. From any point on the map you can find any type of business or point of information.

All the content on can be downloaded to GPS devices, and it is also available on mobile devices using the Google Static Maps API.

Virtual Vallarta

Virtual Vallarta is a number of Google Maps of popular tourist destinations in Vallarta divided into regions. Each map allows you to view the restaurants, hotels, real estate developments, shops and art galleries in that region of Vallarta.

Clicking on any marker opens a brief description of the venue with a thumbnail image.

Vallarta Real Estate Guide

This mashup subdivides Banderas Bay into eleven areas commonly used by real estate professionals in the area. You can select to browse aerial photographs and specific development locations throughout the bay.

Clicking on any specific development shows an expandable window that ties into a database, so visitors can check actual property availability and inventory.

Puerto Vallarta Hotel Map
This mashup for the vacation hotspot of Puerto Vallarta lets you scope out resorts, view photos and check hotel information.

All the hotels are geo-tagged on a Google Map of Puerto Vallarta and are also listed below the map.

Cancun Restaurants Map

This Google Maps mashup shows all the best restaurants in Cancun. It is possible to select the restaurants by type of food. Each restaurant is shown on the map by colour-coded markers and listed in the map sidebar.

Clicking on any of the map markers opens an information window containing a picture of the restaurant and the restaurant's address.

Cancun Hotels Map
This Cancun Hotel Map lets you view different types of hotels as well as restaurants, night clubs, malls, public beaches and much more.

This map also contains a number of interactive panoramic images of Cancun.

Cancun Downtown Map
In this map of downtown Cancun you will find everything from malls and supermarkets to movie theaters, hotels and hospitals. You can also view the main bus routes.



Unknown said...

Here's another mash-up Mexico website with Google Maps that takes it to another level than those posted:

Lord Branton said...

another mexico site is
for the public transportation in mexico city.