Friday, November 27, 2009

A Google Maps Adventure Game


PVII is an adventure game built on top of the Google Maps API. The game is in a very early (alpha) stage of development but already shows huge promise.

In the game you are able to move around on Google Maps and interact with other players, with virtual players and with buildings and objects. As you move around in the game photographs of your current location on the map are also displayed in the game.

The game interactions are largely in Spanish but the game controls, 'walk', 'take' 'enter' and 'look at' are in English, so even if your Spanish is non-existent you should still be able to move around the map.

Here are some quick tips to help you explore the game world:

1. Logging in - just enter a name (less than 8 characters) and you will be taken to the game. If you want your progress saved however you will have to register.

2. Walking - you can only walk short distances so click on the map fairly near your game avatar to walk to that position. You can not walk through buildings so stick to the roads.

3. Entering buildings - you can only enter some buildings. The game instructions tell you when you are near a building that you can enter. The instructions point you in the direction of the building and tell you how far away it is. When you are in the right position click enter and then click on the building in the map.

4. Virtual Players - it is important to interact with the virtual players as they can give you objects that you will need later.


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